• Important announcement: we have our cards and stickers! A beautiful design combining our favourite sage green with traditional carpet patterns and of course, our beloved logo designed by @zozert_ Can’t wait to hand these sweet little things out!

  • Our sweet granny, Eugenia. Always there, pockets full of candy, sipping her coffee loudly.

  • Granny Penelope showing the ropes on how to collect figs and prepare them to be sun-dried. It's a demanding 2-month process but our sweet granny makes light work of it, sending us a golden product to be used in our brunch and brioches.

  • A crunchy, freshly baked piece of feta and leek pita? Why yes please

  • Can’t go wrong with a brioche

  • Have a closer look at our "Berry garden" from within... A fluffy bite full of goodness.